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Good Ideas Catch On: Windows 8.1 Adds Unity-Style Search Feature

The next major update to Windows 8 will add a new search experience to the Windows 8 desktop - one that Ubuntu users will already be familiar with.

9 June 2013
Windows 8 wallpapers

Download the Official Windows 8 Wallpapers

When the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows 8 leaked a few days back, there was only one thing some users wanted from it: its wallpapers. Knowing this, DeviantArt user misaki2009 extracted the wallpapers and packaged them up for download.

8 August 2012
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Blizzard: ‘Windows 8 Not Awesome for Us’

Valve's Gabe Newell last week called Windows 8 a ‘catastrophe for everyone in the PC space’. But it seems that Newell is not a lone voice in this: American video game developers Bilzzard - known for the World of Warcraft series - have also chimed in with their opinion.

2 August 2012
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That Icon Looks Familiar, Windows 8…

Have you tried Windows 8 yet? I installed it on my Dell Duo over the weekend (it pays to keep an eye on the competition, folks) but for all of my own doubts and critique of the OS I didn't notice something that reader Jan B. did: the 'Share' button - which lets you easily share activity from the in-focus application - resembles the logo of a certain open-source operating system...

6 March 2012
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Microsoft to Prevent Linux Booting on ARM Hardware?

Fears that Microsoft would abuse the Windows 8 UEFI feature are coming true. Advice from Microsoft to makers of ARM hardware says that allowing the disabling of the contentious UEFI Secure Boot feature required for Windows 8 must NOT be possible.

13 January 2012