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Plexydesk Brings Desktop Widgets to Ubuntu

If I asked you about Plexydesk you’d probably look at me blankly. I last mentioned the promising widget-toting project five years ago today. Curious as to what became of it I went on a Google today. It […]

7 September 2016
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PlexyDesk – A Widget Desktop For Linux

There was a time when I, like many, covered my Linux desktop in all manner of Screenlets, gDesklets and widgets. I grew out of this, but 'PlexyDesk' - a new widget-toting project - might just light those creative fires on my desktop once more...

6 September 2011
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Ubuntu Countdown Widget for Android released [Updated]

Countdown widget for Ubuntu take #2 as the gorgeous Ubuntu countdown widget for Android we previewed last week is now made available for download on the Android Market.

27 January 2011
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Just give me my damn horoscope, Ubuntu

I'm addicted to reading my horoscope everyday. For real. Call me gullible or call me cool but it's something I've grown up doing and I'm too lazy to bother stop doing so now. But why do I have to get my astrological fix by running an OS X dashboard widget in Ubuntu?

16 January 2011
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Mock-up of Unity with widgets

Widgets on the desktop; some people can be quite snooty about them but there is a reason they are available by default on two of the most popular Operating Systems. ~Musl1m on DevinatArt thinks Unity has an opportunity there and has mocked up the following example of what Widgets on Unity could look like.

29 October 2010
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Plasma/Dashboard equivalent coming to gnome?

GNOME users have often drooled over the cool visual style of KDE 4’s Plasma Desktop space – but something similar could be on it’s way to the GNOME desktop. Meet ‘The Board’. What Is The […]

25 July 2010
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Move Over Screenlets – Opera Desktop Widgets Come To Town

The developers of web browser Opera recently announced plans to free their widget platform from the browser and let them run on the desktop. Users need no-longer have Opera running in order to use Opera […]

24 December 2009
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Run OS X Dashboard Widgets In Ubuntu

Kuldgets is a small application that lets you run OS X Dashboard Widgets in Linux. Install Kludgets Grab the source: Save it to your desktop and extract. (Right Click > Extract) Enter the extracted […]

21 September 2009
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PerfectClock Screenlet Lives Up To It’s Name

PerfectClock screenlet is a Linux port of the desktop-clock Windows application. It comes with a bunch of pre-made themes, and tons more are available – from Dynamite shaped clocks to binary style ones. PerfectClock is […]

9 September 2009