GNOME users have often drooled over the cool visual style of KDE 4’s Plasma Desktop space – but something similar could be on it’s way to the GNOME desktop.

Meet ‘The Board’.

What Is The Board?

The board is the brainchild of Lucas Rocha and is designed to be a sort of cork-board like tool; a space for quickly placing photos, video, audio, text, notes and more.

Rocha says “Think of it as a combination of a note-taking space, a photo or video booth, photo album, sketching board, a digital diary, and (in the future) a nice way to quickly share stuff with your friends.”

The app is being design with tight GNOME desktop integration and an omnipresent ideal; the board will ‘always be there’ but callable on a key press – a lot like dashboard in OS X.

“The Board is written in JavaScript using the GObject Introspection-based Gjs. The UI is fully written with Clutter and Mx (with some small bits of GTK+ and Clutter-GTK+).” says Rocha in his post announcing the project. “It’s a nice example of how you can do cool apps using the GNOME platform nowadays.”

Watch The Board in action

Future plans

Rocha has plans for promising new application including allowing for plug-in support to allow “new types of things to be added to The Board’s pages” and the ability to add new types of background which, Rocha says, “can contain animations and react to user events by the way. For example, a background could be a wooden table with a light switch that can be turned on and off. Or the background can change colour depending on the current time of the day.”


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