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Run OS X Dashboard Widgets In Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Kuldgets is a small application that lets you run OS X Dashboard Widgets in Linux.


Install Kludgets

Grab the source:

Save it to your desktop and extract. (Right Click > Extract)

Enter the extracted folder and double click on the ‘Kludgets’ runtime.

You’ll now notice a little rocket in your notification tray.


It’s from here that you can launch and add new widgets.


Sadly, whilst not not every widget works well under Kludgets, a great selection do.

Below are some of my top picks that seem to work fine!

Twitter Trends


Twitter-aholics ahoy!

This nifty widget displays the top 10 trending topics on Twitter and is updated every minute.

You can choose between
– the current top 10 trending topics on Twitter
– the top 10 trending topics for each hour of today
– the top 10 trending topics for each day of the current week


Tea Timer

screenshot_011 - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

“A widget that reminds you of all that stuff that you always forget and that then either gets bitter/cold (your tea) or burned (your pizza).”

What works: You can cutomize this widgets ‘til your hearts content! Set background colour, opacity, the title of the “countdown”, the countdown time, etc…

What’s borked: Sadly the “main” function of this widget – the alarm ” doesn’t function in Kludgets but it is still a handy countdown timer ” so long as you remember to look!


Word Of The Day

screenshot_011 - Copy

Displays a ‘word of the day’ from a choice of different websites.

Also has various themes to choose from. I’m using ‘Smoke’ in the above screenshot.



BBC News Ticker

screenshot_011 - Copy - Copy - Copy

A simple news ticker for the BBC News website.

Headlines and short summaries “type” along inside the widget. Clicking on a headline will open up your default browser and take you straight to the story.


Dashtrology“Enjoy a wide variety of over 20 daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Minimizable to a small footprint, this handy gadget sits on your desktop, making the rich content of available right at your fingertips!”

I have loved this widget for a long, long time. (Bite me!) Part of what i love about it is that it’s so fluid, so uncluttered and the sweet little animation when clicking on it to open or close the shell is just… awwwwh!


Worth It?

I found some widgets running through kludgets are resource hogs ” not so much that they slow the system down, but still more usage than probably needed for long periods.

As such, i recommend opening Kludgets only when you want access to your screenlets.

Think of it as a manual “Dashboard”!