A screenshot of the Linux Mint website in Firefox on Cinnamon

A brand-new Linux Mint website has gone live.

Mint devs said that a revamped homepage was in the work recently, even going as far as to invite the community to provide their feedback on the proposed designs. All of that collaborative effort has paid off as the new Linux Mint homepage is online.

And it’s looking great:

a screenshot of the firefox web browser running windowed on the cinnamon desktop, showing the linux mint home page
Linux Mint’s website has had a revamp

As well as making an attractive first impression to potential new users, the new Linux Mint website cleanly conveys the core reasons why people find this particular Linux distro a solid alternative to other operating systems, like Microsoft Windows.

From Mint’s famed “out of the box” experience and “KISS” approach to UI design, through to its open source nature and community-focused development — the new website ably touches on the key facets that makes Mint so attractive to newcomers.

But it’s not just for newbies.

The revamped site sports a more linear navigation for faster browsing, while new menus group together relevant links. Information is easier to find, and key areas, like links to download the latest release, are sign-posted with a lick of additional styling.

The new Linux Mint website is very stylish

Aside from the Download section, above, and the main homepage, which makes a classy statement, I particularly like the new FAQ page, and the Donors page with its live updating graph. Mint is a terrifically transparent distro.

You can check out the new website for yourself by hitting the link below. Mint’s new webpage looks great on mobile and tablet, and (apparently) functions just fine without javascript, if that’s your thing.

Visit the new Linux Mint website

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