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Update: Benjamin has now blogged about the site design. Check it out.

The site is now on wordpress instead of blogger and on a dedicated new server, which means it’s much faster, and we have a lot more flexibility when it comes to formatting of posts and customizing the layout and style to truly give it that OMG! feel.

There’s an entirely new design that brings in elements of the new Ubuntu branding, and also sets the standard for the new websites that Ohso will be opening up over the next few months.

The new design features a much nicer category, tag and search system to make it easy to find older posts, a custom set of icons, new sidebar widgets, a new colour pallete, lovely static pages and a beautiful footer that all combine to make this site something unique.

The design was done by me and later on I’ll be going into detail examining some of the new aspects of the design, decisions we had to make and unique features that makes this website something we’re really pleased with.

In case you didn’t notice, the new website is over 2x faster than the old one! Niall Molloy, our ace web developer and optimization ninja has worked long and hard making sure that this website is the fastest around. Niall has managed to balance beauty and speed, producing something that is faster than most other tech sites on the web!

Niall also uses the new CSS3 standard to give lovely fading rollovers and other assorted details, so if you’re using Firefox 4 or Google Chrome you can enjoy these.

Niall will be talking about the code behind the site in a later post, including the challenge of transferring nearly 2000 posts with links and comments intact from one provider to another.

We hope you enjoy the new site, because we sure do!

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