Keep Calm Ubuntu Wallpaper

We featured the orange version of the above wallpaper on our Google+ page yesterday – and it went down rather well.

Following requests for download links and aubergine variants, the hands behind the drape, Kev Quirk, has rustled up some additional versions in different resolutions and packaged them up into one handy .zip file.

Download the zip by pushing the button below, then un-zip the archive and find the version matching your screen’s size.

The versions of the wallpaper inside the ‘Unity’ folder follow the Unity theming illusion we wrote about last month. If you’re not a fan of that style head you’ll want the versions kept in the ‘Plain’ folder.

And if you’re a Windows user? Well… Kev has you catered for too ;)

Download ‘Keep Calm’ Wallpapers

Download Wallpaper wallpaper