The official Ubuntu One desktop client for Windows has been has released.

Ubuntu One is the cloud-storage service from Canonical and installed by default in Ubuntu. All users are entitled to 5GB of free space, with additional space available to buy as needed.

The launch of the Windows version will allow those dual-booting, or using Windows at work or on another device the ability to access and sync their important files wherever they are – not just on Ubuntu.

“We believe in giving all users regardless of platform, access to one of the best personal cloud services available”  the Ubuntu One team state in their announcment. “We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Ubuntu One and as a consequence, want to know more about all the great benefits of using Ubuntu.”

We reviewed a beta of the release a few weeks back and, visually at least, there are no substantial changes from that beta and this milestone. The ‘omissions’ we mentioned in that article, such as the lack of Windows Explorer integration and inability to remove authorised devices, remain. §§§


Ubuntu One for Windows supports XP, Vista and Windows 7. It should go without saying that an internet connection is required for various parts of the set-up process.

Download Ubuntu One for Wundows

Ubuntu One clients for Android and iOS are also available.

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