A new plug-in for Totem movie player allows the app to receive and play AirPlay-streamed video.

AirPlay comes to Totem

AirPlay is a proprietary service from Apple ‘which allows a computer, iPhone, iPod, or iPad with the iTunes music player or iOS 4.2 to send a stream of music, video, or photos to multiple devices such as an AirPort Express, Apple TV or other AirPlay enabled device.’

Ubuntu One announced support for streaming music using AirPlay via the official Ubuntu One client for iPhone late last year.


The plugin is hosted on the sukimashita.com git repositories located here.

Install by first cloning the repository

git clone http://git.sukimashita.com/totem-plugin-airplay.git

then moving the files into


creating directories where needed. Finally enable the plugin through the Totem Plugin menu.

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