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How to Remove Music Players from Ubuntu Sound Menu

Since its introduction back in 2010, the Ubuntu Sound Menu has proven to be one of the most popular and unique features of the Unity desktop.

11 November 2014

[How to] Remove Multiple Players from Ubuntu Sound Menu

With several media players installed the Ubuntu Sound Menu can quickly become over populated - so how do you go about removing entries? With a bit of elbow grease, it seems.

16 July 2012
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Help Ubuntu Redesign The Sound Settings Menu by Taking this Survey

Ubuntu's Sound Settings menu isn't the worst designed options pane in the history of user interfaces, but there's no denying that a bit a redesign wouldn't hurt. The Canonical Design team are on to this, and have launched a short survey to find out what users think about the current design, what they use, and what could be improved.

21 November 2011
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Natty sound menu adds microphone slider for Skype calls

Bid a fond farewell to faint false-starts in your Skype calls: Ubuntu 11.04 has added a microphone level slider to the Ubuntu Sound Menu.

6 March 2011
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Natty sound menu adds playlist support

The Sound Menu of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha sees the return of play list support - an easy way to access your favourite track line-ups in Banshee without needing to open the app itself.

31 January 2011
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Spotify Sound Menu support for Ubuntu is coming along nicely…

The folks over at Spotify have sent over this sneak peek at some neat work they've been doing to integrate Spotify with Ubuntu's nifty Sound Menu.

26 January 2011
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Notify-OSD on scroll wheel volume change [Video]

Volume in Ubuntu; always one of the first things I hammer my keyboard volume keys to reduce after a fresh install. It's so loud!

23 January 2011
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openSUSE opens up towards Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets

openSUSE users intrigued by Ubuntu’s popular desktop applets will soon be able to install and use them on their own desktop.

6 January 2011
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Veromix – soundmenu tray plasmoid for KDE

'Veromix' provides KDE users with an Ubuntu-style sound menu plasmoid that can be used on the desktop or tucked up in the system tray.

8 December 2010
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Ubuntu Sound Menu plugin for Exaile music player

Exaile music player users who wouldn't mind controlling playback via the new Ubuntu Sound Menu can now get in on the action thanks to a new plugin created especially for this purpose.

28 November 2010
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Clementine music player adds Sound menu support

Chalk another one up people for the latest developer builds of Clementine now supports the Ubuntu sound menu. If you want it now there's a PPA and some .deb's too!

22 November 2010
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Indicator-headphones: making sound schemes symbolic

The following idea on creating an  by Daniel Planas was posted to the Ayatana mailing list. I think it’s quite a novel idea so thought I’d share it here. Calling for ‘intelligent indicators’ Daniel’s idea […]

12 November 2010