Skype 2.1 Beta was released for Linux yesterday brining with it a host of new and improved features ” including PulseAudio support!

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The last version of Skype for Linux was released over a year ago, and the last major update was two years ago. As such the new version takes advantage of the developments within Linux since then ” and the demand for feature parity with other platforms versions.

New Features include: –

  • High Quality Video
  • Better quality audio thanks to Skype’s ‘SILK’ codec
  • PulseAudio support
  • Chat enhancements, including new emoticons (!)
  • SMS Messaging support
  • Ability to organise contacts into groups.
  • Interface improvements ” including tooltips, visible video/mobile icons, chat pictures, labels/tags, etc
  • Netbook friendly

Improvements also come thick and fast, including: –

  • Enlarged tray icon, also showing number of missed events
  • Updated ALSA device detection, nicer to USB headsets
  • Answer button is enabled in the call window if call popup is disabled
  • Clickable links in mood message
  • Calling phone numbers of a contact can be done using context menu

…And it goes on and on. You can check out the full list in the release notes.

Skype 2.1 also comes with a list of known issues. A short selection of which are: –

  • Accepting screen sharing from Mac/Windows clients might cause Skype to crash
  • Some Webcam’s might not work in Skype (but there is a quick fix)
  • Making calls with PulseAudio 0.9.10 works, however with reduced quality. Skype recommend updating to 0.9.15 or higher.
  • Logging in and out with a different user name may cause Skype to crash.


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