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shutter screenshot tool on ubuntu

How to Install the Shutter Snap App Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Shutter was the go-to screenshot app for Ubuntu a few years back. But development stalled and the world moved on. But now the tool is back thanks to Snaps!

3 July 2020

Flameshot is the Linux Screenshot Tool I’ve Been Longing for

Flameshot is the Linux screenshot tool I’ve been longing for. As a blogger I take a lot of screenshots and annotate a lot of screenshots. Any app that can help to speed up my workflow […]

4 January 2018
A screen capture annotated in shots

Quickly Take + Annotate Screenshots on Ubuntu with Shots

If you’re looking for a simple way to quickly capture desktops and add a few annotations, we’ve found an app that you’ll want to try. Shots (stylised as –shots, but we’ll drop the dashes for this […]

2 February 2017

How To Get Nifty Screenshot Tool ‘Screencloud’ Running on Ubuntu 16.04

Screencloud is a great screenshot tool for the Linux desktop, but it's not available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In this post we show you how to force install it.

6 June 2016
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ScreenCloud Lets You Take, Share Ubuntu Screenshots Quickly

A new screenshotting tool has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center. Screencloud sits the menu area, allowing for quick snapping of windows, specific areas or application windows, then directly uploads them to either FTP or the ScreenCloud website for easy sharing.

22 June 2012
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Minus Desktop App Gets Refreshed Look, 2GB File Uploads

The desktop application for simple file-sharing service Minus has been updated with a new look, and new features.

20 September 2011
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Linux Screenshot app ‘Lookit’ hits Beta, adds Unity features

A new beta release of screenshot application 'Lookit' has been made available for testing, adding in some rather nifty new Unity features...

2 June 2011
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Tinygrab-Inspired Ubuntu Screenshot Snapper/Uploader

Lookit is a TinyGrab inspired application for taking desktop screenshots and having them automatically upload to an FTP or SFTP server of your choice. URLs are automatically copied to the system clipboard allowing users to […]

23 May 2010
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SCREENSHOT 16//08//09

For anyone wondering why the hell I’m posting a screeenshot of my Ubuntu desktop, i do it every so often for my own purposes. I like to be able to look back and see how […]

16 August 2009