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Widgets for use with Screenlets, the independent widget engine for X11-basedcompositing window managers on Linux.

Do You Remember These 5 Linux Apps?

A reader's tweet left us feeling all nostalgic so join us as we go back to 2009 and look at 5 Linux apps we all used to use, but now never do…

9 February 2017

‘Orb Clock’ — A Stylish Time Screenlet For Linux Desktops

Screenlets fans looking for well-designed eye-candy to place on their desktops should check out the following all-in-one clock Screenlet by Mickeyz.

19 April 2011
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Five Sexy Screenlets for Ubuntu Desktops: Gmail, Clock and More

Screenlets, the desktop widget framework for Linux, was once the apple of eye-candy fans everywhere. Make the jump to grab five refreshing screenlets.

8 January 2011

Flip Time screenlet adds alarm, new features

Remember that awesome 'flip style' clock screenlet theme we mentioned earlier last week? Well it's since been souped up, made themeable and capable of displaying even more information.

26 December 2010

‘Flip style’ theme for Screenlets clock widget

It feels like an age since I last wrote about anything related to Screenlets - the desktop 'widget' framework for Linux. As consolation for Screenlet fans here's a cracking 'flip clock' style theme for the default clock screenlet.

17 December 2010
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HTC-style Weather Clock for your desktop

Add some HTC-inspired beauty to your desktop using the following WeatherClock Conky script. Heavily influenced by the HTC widget available on many smart-phones (and the Windows desktop) it informs you of both the time and […]

4 October 2010
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Android Clock screenlet theme

Screenlet clock fans seeking an Android clock theme need look no further. Regular readers may well know that I had made an Android clock skin myself but since it has disappeared from both my Drop […]

27 June 2010
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Ubuntu Mono Icon for Screenlets

MadnessRed mailed me with his tip on how to make a mono-panel matching Screenlets icon. You take this .svg by Darkhaseo and change the colour from ‘606060’ to ‘EAD3D0’ via your preferred medium (gedit is quickest). For […]

3 June 2010
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Move Over Screenlets – Opera Desktop Widgets Come To Town

The developers of web browser Opera recently announced plans to free their widget platform from the browser and let them run on the desktop. Users need no-longer have Opera running in order to use Opera […]

24 December 2009
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Android Clock Screenlet Theme

I love Android. I can’t afford an Android device mind, but I still love Android. I’m currently porting the Android icon set into a Gnome theme using Genoid’s work so far as a base, but […]

1 December 2009
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Dropbox Screenlet Displays Freespace and More On Your Desktop

Dropbox screenlet displays your current Dropbox usage, freespace and status on your desktop. The screenlet does require having Dropbox open and running or else it looks like this: – Download Download Dropbox Screenlet @ Article originally appeared on

11 October 2009
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PerfectClock Screenlet Lives Up To It’s Name

PerfectClock screenlet is a Linux port of the desktop-clock Windows application. It comes with a bunch of pre-made themes, and tons more are available – from Dynamite shaped clocks to binary style ones. PerfectClock is […]

9 September 2009