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Mark Shuttleworth Explains Ubuntu’s New ‘Amazon Suggestions’ Feature

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, has taken to his blog to add context to the latest controversial change in Ubuntu: shopping results.

23 September 2012

Mark Shuttleworth: ‘We Didn’t Want Ubuntu To End up Like Windows 8’

Mark Shuttleworth has spoken about the design and thought process behind the creation of Unity, and how it's impacted on Ubuntu multi-device strategy. Speaking at OSCON prior to the unveiling of Ubuntu's new integrated web apps feature, Shuttleworth ackowledged that there had been 'controversy' over Canonical's decision to pursue a "multi-device" strategy, with the switch to Unity in particular proving 'deeply unpopular' at first.

20 July 2012
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Mark Shuttleworth Explains Launcher Dodge Decision in Precise

One feature you may be surprised (or relived) to find missing in Ubuntu 12.04 is the 'Dodge' effect of the Unity Launcher. A healthy pot of debate has been stirring on the Unity Design mailing list over the decision to remove it entirely and instead default the launcher to 'not hide'.

9 February 2012
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Mark Shuttleworth Talks New Icon Theme, Criticisms, GNOME-Shell & Ubuntu on TVs, Phones…

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth holds a 1 hour Q&A session following each release of Ubuntu. And today was the first chance many have had to ask Mark questions about upcoming changes, plans and more following the release of Ubuntu 11.10. The most interesting questions asked during the session are presented inside...

23 November 2011
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Shuttleworth: Next Ubuntu Release to Focus on ‘Polish, Performance and Predictability’

Ubuntu 12.04 will focus on 'polish, performance and predictability' according to Ubuntu's founder Mark Shuttleworth.

20 October 2011
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Mark Shuttleworth UDS Interview [Video]

The Ubuntu Developers YouTube channel has uploaded a new video interview with Mark Shuttleworth, recorded earlier this week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, currently taking place in Hungary. In the twenty-minute long interview he talks about his strategy on reaching 200 million Ubuntu users by 2015 and what users can expect in Ubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu 12.04, as well as touching upon the job of managing a project home to so many differing views and preferences. Video after the break.

13 May 2011

Mark Shuttleworth Aims for 200 million Ubuntu Users by 2015

Backed by the default Ubuntu wallpaper and flanked by some cute 'paw' logos, Ubuntu's founder Mark Shuttleworth this morning delivered a powerful and honest keynote address to the attendees of the Ubuntu Developer Summit, currently taking place in Budapest, Hungary.

9 May 2011
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Windicators, changes for Unity in Oneiric, and whole lot more…

For one hour in the week following the release of the latest Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, the 'founder' of Ubuntu, holds a question and answer session as part of 'Ubuntu Open Week'. Below follows highlights from that session. Read on to find out what changes are coming to Unity next release, what happened to the much-heralded 'Windicators' and whether Mark prefers the iPhone or Android...

5 May 2011
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and more

The traditional biannualy held Ask Mark session of Ubuntu Open Week took place on 14th October 2010 1400 UTC on IRC. In the session, the Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life talked about Unity, Project Harmony, many things about Canonical and clarified some points about less Kubuntu love and copyright assignment. And of course, the usual humor.

15 October 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth responds to the window button issue; hints at good things to come

The repositioning of window button controls in Ubuntu 10.04 has undoubtedly been one of the most ‘controversial’ decisions taken by the OS team period. They change can seem both trivial – they are just window […]

16 March 2010