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How To Add a Unity Quicklist to Spotify for Linux

The latest stable release of Spotify for Linux has a missing system tray icon. We show you how to add a Unity quicklist to control playback.

3 March 2016

New Window Switching Method Added to Unity

Remember that Unity Quicklist window switching patch we mentioned at the end of January? It arrived as default in Ubuntu 13.04 earlier today.

9 February 2013
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More Ubuntu 12.04 Apps Add Quicklists

Ubuntu 12.04 has been adding much needed functionality to many of its default apps though new ‘quicklists’.

18 March 2012

[How To] Create An App Launcher for Wunderlist in Ubuntu

Last week saw the first Linux release of 'To Do' application Wunderlist. Whilst the release was more than welcomed by Linux users, the inability to install it - and then access it - as simply as a typical Ubuntu package put many potential users off. The following how-to aims to rectify that by making Wunderlist easily searchable and launchable via the Unity Dash.

27 September 2011

Handy Totem Quicklist for Unity

Does Unity Launcher integration for Totem sound helpful? If so then you're in luck...

12 August 2011

Opera gets some Unity love; tab badge, quicklists and more

With Ubuntu Unity-specific support being lavished upon Chromium and Firefox 4 it wasn't going to be long before Opera - the oft overlooked web browser which a healthy 5% of OMG! readers use - received some due love and attention. Opera user/fan/developer Kyle Baker - whose Opera themes and tips we've featured before - has written a 'Unity script' for the browser that adds in some Unity specific love including a tab count to the Launcher icon, right-click quicklists to your Opera speed dial entries and support for Unity's "urgency" alerts.

8 May 2011
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Chromium Daily build adds Unity Quicklist

Adding even more reason for switching to Chromium in Ubuntu, the latest Daily build of the browser has added a Unity Quicklist to the launcher icon, courtesy of Fabien Tassin.

6 May 2011
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[How to] Unity Quicklists for LibreOffice, GMail and Chromium

Over the last few weeks we've shown you how to add Unity Quicklists to Banshee, the Unity Home Launcher and even web-browser Opera. Well folks - here are even more!

26 April 2011
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[How to] Add a Banshee quicklist for easy music control in Ubuntu Unity

OMG! reader Nico, who earlier this week showed us how to add an unread message count to Pidgin on the Unity Launcher, mailed in a pre-made Banshee Quicklist for Ubuntu 11.04. Once installed a wide selection of handy actions are no-more than a right-click away...

24 April 2011

How to add a “places” style Quicklist to the ‘home launcher’ in Ubuntu Unity

The 'home' folder is put in easy reach in Ubuntu 11.04 - slap bang at the top of the Unity launcher. Rather than replacing the "Places" menu of pre-Ubuntu 11.04, the launcher is now just a launcher: doing nothing more, nothing less. We can improve that, though...

22 April 2011
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How to add Quicklists for Opera in Unity

Kyle Baker recently posted a short guide on adding Quicklist options to Opera's launcher in Unity, and whilst his guide relates to Opera, the Unity developers have made it an easy enough 'hack' to apply to a variety of applications.

6 April 2011