Over the last few weeks we’ve shown you how to add Unity Quicklists to Banshee, the Unity Home Launcher and even web-browser Opera.

Well folks – here are even more!


The LibreOffice ‘start centre’ is a useful, if somewhat redundant, way to launch a specific office application. Not so with the following Quicklist sent in by TLJ:

Nifty, the quicklist can be added with some simple copy-and-paste. Remember to make back-ups of all files you edit.

Hit ALT+F2 and enter

  • sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-startcenter.desktop

In the text-editor that opens add the following text to the bottom of the page.


[Writer Shortcut Group]
Exec=libreoffice -writer %U

[Impress Shortcut Group]
Exec=libreoffice -impress %U

[Draw Shortcut Group]
Exec=libreoffice -draw %U

[Math Shortcut Group]
Exec=libreoffice -calc %U

[Calc Shortcut Group]
Exec=libreoffice -calc %U

Hit Save, ensure the start centre is added to your launcher then log out and back in to see the Quicklist added.

Chromium & Gmail

Having given us a slick Quicklists for Banshee reader Nico is back with right-click launcher menus for Chromium and a GMail web-app.

You don’t even need to copy and paste these just download the respective .desktop files below, then move them into ~/.local/share/applications.

To find this open your Home folder, press CTRL+H to reveal hidden folders, search for ‘.local’ (note the preceeding period) then navigate to /share/applications/.

As with manually copy-and-pasting a quicklist one needs to log out and back in to see the Quicklists enabled.

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