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New Dev Release of Linux Hardware Monitor ‘Psensor’

A new development release of Psensor - a small utility for monitoring hardware temperature in Linux - is now available for download.

16 September 2011
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Steadyflow, Firefox 5 Beta, Psensor get updated, released

It's typical: I take the weekend off and a load of great application updates slip out. So read on for a super-concise over-view of what came out, what it consisted of and, most importantly, how you can get it.

23 May 2011
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PSensor lets you easily monitor hardware temperature in Ubuntu

My graphics card fan is bust. Well, I say bust but what I actually mean is that I disconnected the fan because it was so freaking loud! I do intend to buy a replacement cooler for it shortly, but in the mean time Psensor allows me to keep an eye on its temperature over a given period with the data recorded and presented in graph form for easy digestion.

17 May 2011