It’s typical: I take the weekend off and a load of great application updates slip out.

Below I present a super quick over-view of what came out, what it consisted of and, most importantly, how you can get install/upgrade…

Steadyflow 0.1.7: Unity fun

Pretty little download manager ‘Steadyflow’ has added an ‘expanded indicator menu’, a Unity quicklist item and password authentication amongst other changes.

Steadyflow can, as always, be installed from its official PPA. Just add ‘ppa:sikon/steadyflow’ to your Software Sources via the Ubuntu Software Centre to upgrade.


Firefox 5 Beta

Having been delayed by a few days the first beta release of what will become Firefox 5 slipped out to little fanfare.


Notable changes specific to Linux include ‘improved desktop environment integration’. Beyond a new ‘new window’ Quicklist entry on the Unity launcher, I couldn’t see anything else on the surface that was newly ‘integrated’.

Elsewhere the beta sees CSS animation improvements and the usual round of bug fixes.

Firefox 5 Beta can be installed in Ubuntu’s 10.10 and 11.04 using the Firefox Beta PPA @

Full release notes.

PSensor Unstable

The ‘development’ version of system hardware monitor tool Psensor has added a new sensor preferences window, Unity launcher integration and revamped indicator containing ‘all information for all sensors’ for a quick update without opening the main window.

PSensor Unstable has its own PPA, which can be found @

A stable version of Psensor is also available but without the above features.


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