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Ubuntu Makes ‘Significant’ Security Change to PPAs for 23.10

The way PPAs are managed is changing in Ubuntu 23.10. A new version of the software-properties package is rolling out to Mantic Minotaur daily builds. The update makes brings a “significant change” to the way […]

16 May 2023

How to Test Ubuntu Budgie’s Improved Window Snapping Feature

Better window snapping is coming to Ubuntu Budgie, with devs adding drag to snap quarter window tiling and asymmetrical tiling when holding modifier keys.

20 January 2023
the xfce mouse and text that reads how to upgrade to xfce 4.18

Want to Upgrade to Xfce 4.18 on Xubuntu 22.04? Here’s How

A quick guide showing you how to upgrade to Xfce 4.18 on Xubuntu 22.04 LTS and 22.10 using the Xubuntu QA Staging PPA – though caution is advised.

18 December 2022

This Tool Integrates AppImages with Ubuntu Desktop

Want to create app launcher shortcuts for your favourite AppImage software on Ubuntu? Look no further than this neat open source app – it's ace!

9 October 2022

FSearch 0.2 is Out – And it Makes Finding Files Even Faster

A new release of open source file search app FSearch is available to download. An improved search engine that supports addition search queries is included.

16 August 2022

How to Install Linux Mint’s Homespun Apps on Ubuntu

Linux Mint is far more than just the Cinnamon desktop with a bit of green sprinkled on top. It also includes a number of homegrown apps crafted by Mint developers to enhance the overall experience. […]

12 July 2022

Regolith Desktop 2.0 is Out with Many Changes

A new version of the i3-based Regolith Desktop is available to install on Ubuntu. Regolith Desktop 2.0 changes include a new 'desktop executor' tool.

9 June 2022

Deb-Get is ‘Apt-Get’ for 3rd-Party Ubuntu Software

All fo your favourite extra-repo Ubuntu apps are now a single command away. Deb-Get is a tool that installs deb files from website from the command line.

4 May 2022
install firefox apt not snap on ubuntu

How to Install Firefox as a Deb on Ubuntu (Not a Snap)

A short guide on how to install Firefox from a PPA on Ubuntu 22.04 and remove the Firefox Snap. Doing this gets you a faster Firefox that can do more OOTB.

24 April 2022

How to Upgrade to MATE Desktop 1.26 on Ubuntu

Want to install MATE desktop 1.26 on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS and 21.04? Well, not you can! Devs have put together a PPA for users to upgrade from.

27 August 2021
pinta 1.7 thumbnail

Pinta Image Editor Gets First Update in 5 Years

Pinta image editor has made its first release in over 5 years. The revived Mono-based graphics app adds new features and fixes long-standing bugs.

5 August 2020
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Transmission 3.0 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

A new version of open-source torrent client Transmission is available to download. In this post I share details on what’s changed and show you how to install the update on your system using the official Transmission […]

24 May 2020