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Does Your Ubuntu PC Look This Cool?

With a bit of imagination, some paint, and plenty of LEDs a boring PC box can be transformed into a terrific tower.

2 June 2013

Is This The Coolest Ubuntu PC Ever Built?

German hardware company Cirrus7 are gearing up to release a new Ubuntu-powered PC. The aluminium-cased Cirrus7 Nimbus is tiny, measuring just 22cm x 22cm with a height a smidge over 5cm.

28 April 2013

HP Launch Ubuntu All-In-One PC for £349

HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu.

4 March 2013
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ZaReason’s First Ubuntu All-in-One PC Looks Familiar…

Linux hardware re-sellers ZaReason have debuted their 'Zimo 930' PC - an all in one desktop computer that has more than a whiff of familiarity about it. The Zimo 930 is a good looking, well-specced PC but it's had its thunder stolen by last months launch of the System76 Sable. And I don't mean because both are 'all-in-ones'.

15 November 2012