Let me dig out my ‘We love OpenShot’ banner before I start…

There we are. Nicely set up. Ahem. Can you guess what app make Day Eight of our top 12 apps of 2009? I tried to be subtle!

OpenShot is a non-linear video editor Linux that is by-far-and-away the most feature-packed user-friendly editor around.

With a fast development cycle, all eyes of usability and performance and a very nice chap in charge, OpenShot rocketed up in my estimation not-long after finding it.

2009 saw a lot of big changes and releases for OpenShot – it was only one year ago that the first screenshots were released!

As this isn’t a review (see any one of these posts for that!) here are three things that I love about using OpenShot.

1. Easy Green Screen
The Chrome Key effect in OpenShot has to be on the easiest I’ve used. It’s simple, to the point, and provided you’ve lit your background flat enough works really well.

2. Export Wizard!
OpenShot’s export wizard is a total snap to use with presets all set for you to choose. It does still pack advanced configuration for exporting, but with the finely tuned presets you’ll probably not need to delve any deeper.

3. Simples!
Openshot raised the bar. Other efforts, whilst noble, stood in quagmires of ever-increasing complexity, muddled UI’s or crash-happy temperaments. OpenShot delivered on usability, features and stability right from day one. Less fuss = more creativity!

2009 openshot