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Nexus 4, Windows Phone Fixes Debut In Latest Banshee Media Player Release

A new version of the popular open-source media player 'Banshee' has been released.

19 February 2014
MTP mounting in Ubuntu

How To Mount The Google Nexus 4 on Ubuntu

Wondering how to mount a Nexus 4 on Ubuntu? Wonder no more - here are two ways to access your phone's files from file-manager Nautilus.

14 June 2013

[How To] Install Ubuntu Touch Preview on Nexus Devices

With the Ubuntu Touch Preview images now available I predict that, round about now, your temptation is buckling under the temptation to try it out. Well here's how!

21 February 2013

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Released, Available for Nexus Devices

Though not a complete, finished version of Ubuntu's new 'convergent' interface, the preview offers developers and enthusiasts alike the chance to go hands-on with the most talked about interface change in Ubuntu's history.

21 February 2013