Banshee DVD Playback
Banshee Is More Than A Music Player

A new version of the popular open-source media player ‘Banshee’ has been released.

In addition to enabling playback and management of music and audio files, the application also supports video and DVD, internet radio station streaming, podcast downloading, and integrates the Amazon MP3 store for music purchases.

Banshee 2.6.2, the latest stable update to the 2.6.x series launched back in October of 2012, squashes a number of outstanding bugs and flaws. Among them:

  • Fix for various Nexus 4 crashes
  • Volume level now remembered between sessions
  • App no longer freezes when connecting a Windows Phone handset
  • LVM volume mounting no longer results in freeze
  • CD audio source now shows after inserting a disc
  • Shuffle/Repeat fixes
  • Gapless playback fixes

Banshee 2.6.2 also includes an App Data file. This file provides open-source app stores, like the new GNOME Software client, with app information, screenshots, icons, category information and descriptions.

For a more thorough change log head over to the Banshee News file on the GNOME website.

A development snapshot of Banshee 2.9, the first version of the app to use GTK3, was released late last year.

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