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Ubuntu 11.10 Says Goodbye to the ‘Me Menu’

The 'Me Menu' will no longer be installed by default in Ubuntu 11.10. In its place comes a rejigged Messaging Menu.

17 July 2011
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Universal email notifier ‘Popper’ gets update

Fans of universal e-mail notification indicator tool 'Popper' will be pleased to hear that it recieved an update over Xmas. What's new? Read on for more!

27 December 2010
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MeMenu now displays full user name in Natty

There are some arguments I get and some I don't.

9 December 2010
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Display your real name in MeMenu

Chances are choose an Ubuntu account user name that differs to that of your real name. Usually this presents no problem - apart from with the MeMenu which displays your account name rather than your real name in the panel. Rather humorous for an indicator termed 'me'. Here's how to change.

5 November 2010
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 with a dock, new icon theme, effects, global menu and more

Quite often we'll post screenshots in articles and no doubt we will always get a comment asking what theme we're using, our font settings, or what dock that is. Today I'm going to share with you my setup - everything from my compiz settings to the icon theme!

10 October 2010
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Little Things That Matter: Ubuntu 10.04’s MessagingMenu

Although people look for the big show-stopping killer-improvements when a new release of Ubuntu rolls around I find that it can be the small things which make the biggest difference. During the Lucid development cycle […]

20 February 2010