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Articles related to Linux Mint, the popular Ubuntu-based distribution that uses the Cinnamon desktop environment.

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Linux Mint 11 released – plays safe with GNOME 2 desktop, but adds some Natty touches

The latest edition of Ubuntu-based Linux Mint been released, retaining the GNOME 2.32 desktop but adding in a few new touches elsewhere.

26 May 2011
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New releases of Bodhi, PC-BSD and Linux Mint

As the fresh air of Spring approaches my hemisphere it seems many Linux distros are keen to keep in sync with the fauna and flora around me by birthing themselves some new releases. As I'm a busy chap with unnatural quantities of coffee to brew here is a quick pow-pow over-view of what's blooming in Distro land....

27 February 2011
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Linux Mint: No to Unity, no to Gnome-Shell

When Mark Shuttleworth announced that future versions of Ubuntu will use Unity by default on the desktop many users of Linux Mint, a highly polished Ubuntu-derived distribution, were left wondering what it would use.

9 November 2010
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Linux Mint 10 to use Faenza icon set?

The popular Ubuntu-derived distribution ‘Linux Mint’ is considering adopting the Faenza icon set for use in their upcoming Linux Mint 10 release. Leaving a comment on the Faenza gnome-look page regarding a bug, Mint developer […]

25 September 2010