Roll up your geek sleeves and get stuck in ‘cos the Linux Mint 20 beta is now available to download.

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Linux Mint 20: Everything You Need to Know

Freshly prepared ISOs have been spun up for testing and feedback and are in the process of syncing out to mirrors.

The Linux Mint 20 beta build precedes the final stable release, which is due for release in a couple of weeks time.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Linux Mint 20 development (it’s the first release of the distro to be based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and know about many of the new features on offer, including:

  • Fractional scaling support
  • New file transfer app
  • Faster file manager
  • Linux 5.4 kernel
  • Change monitor refresh rate
  • Better support for multi-monitors
  • Launch apps on specific GPUs
  • More theme colours

There are plenty of other, smaller quality of life improvements but as this is a beta rough edges may remain. You know the drill.

On a mildly controversial note Linux Mint 20 does not allow snapd to be installed “out of the box” at all. If you want to leverage the cross-distro format in this release you’ll need to use a workaround to explicitly opt-in to the tech.

Download Linux Mint 20 Beta

Use the button below to download Linux Mint 20 beta Cinnamon edition as a 64-bit .iso image you can flash to a USB stick or write to a DVD to boot from:

Download Linux Mint 20 Beta (64-bit .iso) #1 Download Linux Mint 20 Beta (64-bit .iso) #2

Beta versions of the MATE and Xfce flavours are also available here and here.

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