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Wallpaper Switching Lands in Precise Login Screen

The user account wallpaper transition feature has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 default login screen. The effect shows the desktop wallpaper of each user as accounts are scrolled through. Although the current implementation is not quite […]

19 January 2012
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Changes to Ubuntu’s Login Screen for 12.04 Get Discussed

What's planned for Ubuntu 12.04's login screen? A discussion at the ongoing Ubuntu Developer Summit revealed some tentative plans...

31 October 2011
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Easily Change The Ubuntu 11.10 Login Background With This Small App

Easily change your login background with Simple LightDM Manager. The default login background image matches the default Ubuntu wallpaper. Chances are you've changed the latter, so why not the former?

13 October 2011
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[How To] Change LightDM Background in Ubuntu 11.10

Early demonstrations of Ubuntu 11.10’s new ‘login manager’ LightDM showed it changing wallpaper background based on the account selected. This feature has yet to appear in the current implementation rocking out in the Ubuntu beta, […]

30 September 2011
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LightDM Rocks: 3D Animated Login Screen… With Imps

Does a 3D animated login screen sound cool to you? Robert Ancell, the developer behind LightDM (Ubuntu 11.10’s new login manager) demoed a 3D animated login screen as part of his talk at the Desktop […]

8 September 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 LightDM Login Screen Turned On

After installing a recent batch of updates in Ubuntu 11.10 I booted back up to find a surprise waiting for me: the new LightDM login screen enabled by default: Note that the above screenshot is […]

10 August 2011
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‘LightDM’ to replace GDM login screen in Ubuntu 11.10

'LightDM' will replace the standard 'GDM' login experience for Ubuntu 11.10, based on a decision taken today at the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

12 May 2011