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LibreOffice 4.2 Arrives With New Icon Theme, OpenCL Support And More

LibreOffice 4.2, the latest version of the worlds most popular open-source Office Suite, has been released.

30 January 2014

LibreOffice 4.1 Released With Improved Microsoft Office Document Support

LibreOffice 4.1, which brings with it an experimental new sidebar & improved Microsoft Office document support, has been released.

25 July 2013

Final Update to LibreOffice 3.6 Series Now Available for Download

A new release of open-source office suite LibreOffice is now available to download, bringing with it bug fixes and stability improvements.

18 July 2013
Global menu support for LibreOffice

Minor Updates Arrive in LibreOffice 4.0.4 Release

LibreOffce 4.0.4, the last minor release on the 4.0.x series, has been released for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

19 June 2013

LibreOffice Hits 4.0, Adds Unity Integration & ‘Persona’ Theming

LibreOffice 4.0, the first release of the open-source office suite said to truly reflect the projects' objectives, has hit the web.

7 February 2013
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LibreOffice Adds Ubuntu App Menu Support – No Plugin Needed

The latest version of LibreOffice introduces something nice for Ubuntu users: native App Menu integration. For Ubuntu 12.04, 11.10 and 11.04 LibreOffice required an additional packaged to be installed before it could integrate with Ubuntu's App Menu.

5 September 2012

OpenOffice 3.4 Released

Although LibreOffice may have forked off from it and picked up developers and innovation by the bucket load, the faithful old brand, now under the direction of Apache Software Foundation, has seen its first release since January 2011. Apache OpenOffice 3.4 doesn't do anything drastic, but does iterate nicely upon that which was there before.

8 May 2012
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New ‘Ubuntu For Android’ Video Demo Appears Online

I never tire of seeing Ubuntu for Android demoed in videos. Largely because it's as close as close as I'm going to get to experiencing one (though Mark Shuttleworth says we can expect the first devices to ship later this year).

6 May 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 App Shortcuts – Spreadsheet Style

How many keyboard shortcuts for Shotwell, Rhythmbox or LibreOffice do you know? If you're anything like me (i.e. a slave to the mouse) then the chances are not many. But reader and Ubuntu contributor Thibaut B., along with a band of other contributors, have decided to create a centralised 'hub' for discovering shortcuts you might not have otherwise knew existed.

22 April 2012
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LibreOffice 3.5 Released

LibreOffice 3.5 has been released. It's the third major release of the free open-source office suite since the project was forked from OpenOffice.

14 February 2012
LibreOffice Bug Fixes

Could You be the LibreOffice ‘Bug Hunting Hero’?

A two-day bug hunting session for LibreOffice 3.5 has been announced by The Document Foundation. Developers and eagle-eyed users will come together on the 28th and 29th of December to test the upcoming major release […]

21 December 2011

Citrus – A LibreOffice Interface for Today

Of the certainties in life, such as life, death and taxes, is the fact that LibreOffice needs a new interface. And that's not me be being picky, but supportive of open-source's premier office suite. The 'good news' is that LibreOffice developers know this and discussion towards overhauling the tired look of the application set have been ongoing for a while. Amongst the interface proposal currently being discussed on the LibreOffice mailing list is the modern-looking 'Citrus'.

24 November 2011