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ASUS’ kinect competitor ‘Xtion PRO’ Supports development on Ubuntu

Microsoft's Kinect motion controller lit up the eyes of many Linux developers when it hit the shelves late last year - so much so that geeks everywhere were soon out hacking the hardware to run on Linux.

17 April 2011
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Kinect hacking on Ubuntu continues: Recognizing objects

Yet more news form the world of Kinect Hacking - this time a video demoing some awesome work on 'teaching Kinect to recognize objects.'

29 November 2010
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Browser extension allows website control via Kinect

Dream of going all Minority Report in Mozilla Firefox? Then say hello to DepthJS – a web browser extension that ‘allows for any webpage to interact with Kinect via JavaScript.’ DepthJS is much more than […]

28 November 2010
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Kinect + Ubuntu = Jedi. Obviously.

The '101 things you hack with a Kinect and Ubuntu' train rolls on - this time towards Coruscant. YouTuber yankeyan shows off real-time lightsaber (Yes, lightsaber) tracking and rendering using nothing more than Kinect and Ubuntu.

22 November 2010
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Multi-touch in Ubuntu using Kinect [video, ppa]

How does cross-platform multi-touch using Kinect sound? Like a dream? Well it isn’t. I’m not quite sure how this incredibly slick proof-of concept (i.e. hacky first version) video showing off multi-touch in Ubuntu using Microsoft’s recently […]

18 November 2010
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New Kinect contest could bring minority report style control to Linux

Since the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming hardware there have been repeated open-source initiatives, hacks and projects aiming to utilise the hardware in an open-source environment. Matt Cutts – a Google employee, although this is […]

12 November 2010
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Open-source kinect driver demoed

Hector Martin (aka marcan42 on YouTube) has created – and demoed – a free, open-source driver for Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ camera dubbed ‘Libfreenect’.

10 November 2010
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Adafruit offers $2000 bounty for open source Microsoft Kinect drivers

DIY hardware company Adafruit has announced it will give a prize of $2000 to the first person who is able to write a open source and well documented driver for Microsoft's Kinect.

5 November 2010