Since the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming hardware there have been repeated open-source initiatives, hacks and projects aiming to utilise the hardware in an open-source environment.

Matt Cutts – a Google employee, although this is not a Google-funded project – has launched his own contest: to help kick-start open-source development using the $150 Kinect.

"I’m starting my own contest with $2000 in prizes. There are two $1000 prizes. The first $1000 prize goes to the person or team that writes the coolest open-source app, demo, or program using the Kinect. The second prize goes to the person or team that does the most to make it easy to write programs that use the Kinect on Linux."

Matt even offers up some ideas to get potential developers started – including the one no self-respecting Kinect contest would be complete without mentioning ;) : –

"Idea 1: A Minority Report-style user interface where you can open, move, and close windows with your movements."

You can find out more on entering by pointing your browser @  There you can also read some very neat ideas

The contest runs for the rest of this year closing at midnight (PCT) December 31st.

Thanks to Pierre

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