Dream of going all Minority Report in Mozilla Firefox? Then say hello to DepthJS – a web browser extension that ‘allows for any webpage to interact with Kinect via JavaScript.’

DepthJS is much more than just a new way to browse the web as the Fluid Interface group from MIT explain: –

"Navigating the web is only one application of the framework we built – that is, we envision all sorts of applications that run in the browser, from games to specific utilities for specific sites.

The great part is that now web developers who specialize in Javascript can work with the Kinect without having to learn any special languages or code.

We believe this will allow a new set of interactions beyond what we first developed."

Here’s the teams video of DepthJS in action – which eagle eyed readers will spot is running on Ubuntu:

It’s worth mentioning that the Fluid Interface group is tasked with designing ‘new interfaces that integrate digital content in people’s lives in more fluid and seamless ways.’


DepthJS is open source under the AGPL license and is located @ github.com/​doug/​depthjs

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