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How Linux Figures Reacted to Ubuntu’s Unity Bombshell

News that Ubuntu is to u-turn on Unity, can Convergence, and scrap its smartphones took the open-source community by total surprise last week. In this post we roundup the reactions that some prominent free software stalwarts, Linux pundits, and former Canonical employees had to […]

11 April 2017

Should Ubuntu Phone Ditch Debian for Android?

Former Canonical employee Jono Bacon has suggested that Ubuntu Phone should ditch Debian for Android — but do you agree?

19 June 2015

Don’t Expect Ubuntu Phones from Major OEMs Before 2015, Says Jono Bacon

Mark Shuttleworth recently stoked hopes of "household brands" shipping Ubuntu-powered phones, but Canonical's Community Manager has poured cold water on it happening any time soon.

15 January 2014

Ubuntu Has ‘No Plans’ To Make a Smartwatch

Canonical has no plans to join the current tech trend for wearable technology, Canonical’s Jono Bacon has said. With many of the mobile industry’s major players, including Mozilla, Google and Apple, toying with wrist-mounted tech, […]

8 January 2014

Multiple Ubuntu Phones To Launch in 2014

The coming year will see a 'number of Ubuntu phones hitting the market', says Canonical community manager Jono Bacon.

8 January 2014

‘Legal Issues’ Blamed For SteamOS Dropping Ubuntu for Debian

Ever since Valve announced Steam OS last year one small detail has left many in the Linux community a little confused: why is the gaming OS based on Debian rather than Ubuntu?

8 January 2014
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Ubuntu’s 24 Hour Community Charity Marathon Is Happening Right Now

Take one Ubuntu Community team, sit them in front of webcams and make them work for 24 hours solid. Sound good? that's what happening today as part of the 'Ubuntu Community Charity Marathon'.

4 October 2012
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Chip in to Jono Bacon’s Birthday Fundraiser

Jono is one of the most 'well known' faces in the Ubuntu and wider free-software/open-source community. But rather than receive the usual glut of inflatable guitars, novelty underwear, and PS3 games, Bacon has opted for something more in keeping with the ethos of Ubuntu and Open-Source: charity.

17 September 2012
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Putting Your Brick In The Natty Wall – Jono Bacon

In this article, Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, guest posts and discusses a rallying call for delivering Unity in Natty. Wow, what a cycle Natty has been already. Back in Orlando, when Mark proposed Unity for inclusion in Ubuntu 11.04, we knew this cycle was going to be a busy one, and the Design, Desktop Experience, Ubuntu Platform, and community teams have been working at full steam to make Natty a rocking release.

14 February 2011