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Open source designer Ian ‘Izo’ Cylkowski talks tools, design tips and talent

Earlier this week Akshat took some time out to chat with open-source fan and graphic designer talented Ian 'Izo' Cylkowski about his work, his tools and his thoughts on designing in open-source.

11 May 2011
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Stunning Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by Izo

Sometimes I see a mock-up that is so beautiful I want to rob a bank* and fund its development. Take this wonderful Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by the highly talented Ian Cylkowski, better known to […]

2 August 2010
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New Ubuntu Window Button Concepts by Izo Make Glorious Sense

Following Mark Shuttleworth’s gloriously intriguing statement that Ubuntu 10.10 will experiment with “innovative” options on the right-hand side of window borders, many designers have begun mocking up their proposals in earnest. Workflow Mock up by […]

29 March 2010
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The Future Of Nautilus

Nautilus – the default file manager in Ubuntu – has an interface many consider to be awful and overly complex. It has button after button, toolbar after toolbar, menu after menu – and just looks, […]

28 February 2010