Following Mark Shuttleworth’s gloriously intriguing statement that Ubuntu 10.10 will experiment with “innovative” options on the right-hand side of window borders, many designers have begun mocking up their proposals in earnest.

Workflow Mock up by Izo

The following idea idea has been proposed by Ian Cylkowsk AKA Izo, who’s ideas on nautilus we featured in our ‘The Future of Nautilus’ article.

He suggests improving workflow by introducing two new buttons on the newly-freed right-hand side of the window border: a quick launch app menu for opening/exporting a file into another application and an upload button for exporting files directly to services of a users’ choice.

“It means you can literally jump from application to application whilst keeping the file we’re working on in constant focus. A non-interrupted workflow. “ ~ Izo.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to upload a holiday snap straight from your image editor of choice directly into a Facebook album of yours?” ~ Izo.


This is a very, very brief summarization of Izo’s concept and I fully urge you to check out the proposal in full over @

Thanks to conorsulli
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