Short post to help people get the most out of Gwibber as a lot of readers keep asking me “How I got a ‘multiple columns/tweetdeck style’ Gwibber?”.

1. Default Gwibber

This is how Gwibber looks by “default” in Ubuntu 10.04. To add extra panels simple hit up the ‘Gwibber’ menu and choose ‘new stream’ (see below)



Now a new panel will pop into view and the ‘sidebar’ will disappear.


Clicking the pointer on the right of a streams’ title allows you to select what that stream displays. It can display: –

  • Custom searches for keywords
  • A specific users stream
  • Your replies, @mentions, etc
  • If you use multiple accounts it can display combined or account-specific messages, @replies, etc.
  • And more.

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