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OS Prober is Disabled in Ubuntu 22.04, Here’s a Workaround

As OS-prober is disabled in GRUB 2.06, Ubuntu 22.04 won't add Windows or other Linux distros to your boot menu. We explain why and share a fix.

19 December 2021

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Plans To Ship With Newer GRUB Bootloader

Ubuntu 14.04 may ship with a beta version of GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader used virtually all Linux distributions.

17 January 2014

Ubuntu to Use Signed GRUB2 Bootloader for Secure Boot

A signed version of GRUB2 that enables Ubuntu to work with Secure Boot devices is being prepped for Ubuntu 12.10. Further details about the change are expected from Canonical later today.

20 September 2012

How-To Remove Old Kernel Entries From GRUB [Video]

As you may know, some people find Linux to be really challenging when they first try it out. Because of this, I have launched a new segment called: "Ubuntu is Easy" and thought the OMG! Ubuntu! community - in the true nature of open source - could also assist Ubuntu newbies in finding their way around this great operating system.

23 July 2011
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‘Super Boot Manager’ eases BURG, GRUB, Plymouth tweaking pains

The newly launched 'Super Boot Manager' application, created by the developers behind graphical boot menu BURG, aims to streamline and simplify the process of tweaking the GRUB, BURG and Plymouth boot screens.

25 May 2011
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GRUB customizer app makes tweaking your bootloader a breeze

'Grub Customizer' aims to make it a bit easier, providing a graphicl interface for allows for changing/setting various grub2/burg settings.

5 May 2011
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How to easily set the default os in grub

If you're a dual-boot user chances are you've at some stage or another wanted to change the default OS that GRUB chooses to boot into.

10 December 2010