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Blanket noise app for Linux

Improve Focus with Blanket, an Ambient Sounds App for Linux

If you find it hard to focus in a silent environment or know you are more productive when surrounded by background noise, check out Blanket.

2 September 2020

GNOME’s Sound Recorder App Has an Awesome New Look

We preview the new GNOME Sound Recorder utility after its major revamp. The app boasts a clean, responsive interface and intros key new features.

31 August 2020
a computer processor

GNOME Devs Mull Making Dedicated System Info Tool

A GNOME desktop designer proposes a new hardware info tool for the GNOME desktop. The app would show system info and firmware information.

24 April 2019

Parlatype is an Ace Audio Transcription App for Linux

Whether you’re a student needing to take notes from a lecture you recorded or a blogger trying to transcribe an audio interview, the following little GNOME app can help. Turning an audio recording into text […]

25 June 2017

PulseEffects is a Powerful GTK Audio Effects & Equalizer App for Linux

If you’re on the hunt for an advanced audio equaliser for Ubuntu, you’re definitely going to want to check this app out. It’s called PulseEffects and it’s an equalizer, limiter, reverb, and compressor that works with Pulseaudio, the default […]

25 June 2017

Curlew is a GTK Media Converter for the GNOME desktop

There are plenty of free multimedia converters for Ubuntu available, with command-line champ FFmpeg arguably the most powerful of them all. But this power comes with a complexity. Using FFMpeg to convert media through the command line can be […]

23 June 2017
gnome recipes logo

GNOME Recipes App Is Now Available to Install On Ubuntu 17.04

GNOME’s Matthias Clasen recently blogged about the upcoming release of GNOME Recipes 1.0. It’ll be the first formal release of the desktop recipes app for Linux, which has been in development for less than 6 months, and […]

6 March 2017
gnome mpv screenshot

GNOME MPV is a Sleek GTK+ Frontend for mpv

I recently blogged about my love affair (of sorts) with mpv, the nimble, open-source media player based on mplayer. Stock mpv is, for those used to all-singing and all-dancing video players, a little… austere. GNOME MPV is […]

9 February 2017
gnome recipes

GNOME Recipes Serves Up Some Tasty New Designs

GNOME developer Matthias Clasen is back to share another slice of news on his GNOME Recipes application — and it’s starting to look really delicious! Since our last look at the open-source recipe app for Linux, […]

19 December 2016

GNOME Calendar Pencils In Great New Features

GNOME Calendar is one of the few decent desktop calendaring apps available on Linux — and it's going to get better.

29 September 2016

That Wasn’t In The Forecast — GNOME Weather Has Stopped Working

GNOME Weather is no longer able to display weather forecasts.

24 August 2016
GNOME Twitch app

GNOME Twitch: Watch Twitch Without Flash on Linux

Want to watch streams on your desktop, without Flash? You can with this awesome Twitch app for Linux, which also supports chat & notifications and more.

12 August 2016