gnome recipes on Ubuntu 17.04

GNOME’s Matthias Clasen recently blogged about the upcoming release of GNOME Recipes 1.0.

It’ll be the first formal release of the desktop recipes app for Linux, which has been in development for less than 6 months, and is set to arrive freshly out of the oven alongside GNOME 3.24.

GNOME Recipes 1.0

“The last thing that we needed [to complete a 1.0 release] was to get enough contributed recipes to replace all the test data with actual content. And we’ve made it, thanks to the cooks in the GNOME community, we have plenty of great recipes now,” Clasen writes.

And, sure enough, there are some great recipes ready and waiting for you to browse through and bake. Surprisingly there’s already a selection of vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free options among the mainstream fare one expects to find in any recipes apps.

gnome recipes recipe form
The app features an in-app wizard to add your own recipes

Key ingredients features of GNOME Recipes 1.0 include:

    • Search for recipes by keyword
    • Browse recipes by category, chef, or country
    • Step-by-step instructions, including photos
    • Ability to favourite and add notes to recipes
    • Full-screen “cook” mode
    • Quickly convert ingredients to shopping list
    • Ingredient values change based on # of servings
    • Ability to submit recipes in-app

Install GNOME Recipes on Ubuntu

Despite writing about GNOME Recipes a couple of times I hadn’t actually ever used it (it was in development, it wasn’t easy to build, etc).

If you’re planning on upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04 this April you can install GNOME Recipes from the Ubuntu Software store, no PPAs or Flatpaks or Snap apps required.

Do keep in mind that (as of writing) both this app and Ubuntu 17.04 are still considered ‘under development’, so expect a few bugs, quirks, or missing features here and there.

Install GNOME Recipes on Ubuntu 17.04

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