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How to Upgrade to GNOME 3.16 in Ubuntu 15.04

We show you how to upgrade GNOME 3.16 in Ubuntu 15.04 to get all of the latest GNOME features on Ubuntu.

2 June 2015

GNOME 3.16 Released — This Is What’s New And Improved

GNOME 3.16, the latest stable update of the popular open-source desktop environment, has been released.

25 March 2015
GNOME Notification Shade in 3.16

New App Brings Android Notifications to The GNOME Desktop

You'll shortly be able to view your Android notifications on the GNOME desktop thanks to a new application in development.

6 March 2015

GNOME 3.16 Might Just Be The Best Version Yet

If recent screenshots of next month's GNOME 3.16 release are anything to go by, it'll be the best release yet.

25 February 2015