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Get CheckGMail to Use Ubuntu Notification System Easily

CheckGMail is a popular panel applet for notifying a user of new mail in their Gmail account. It’s also popular for annoying Ubuntu users since it doesn’t use the notification system like most other applications […]

11 November 2009
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Video Conferencing Coming To GMail Chat

Reports are circulating that GMail chat ” the web-based version of Google Talk/GTalk ” will be adding multi-user video chat/video conferencing to this other Google services in the coming months. GMail Chat only supports one-to-one […]

7 November 2009
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Install Updated Gnome-Do – Now With Awesome GMail Docklet!

The next version of Gnome-Do will come pre-packaged with several new docklets ” including the GMail docklet pictured above. It sits in your dock and simply informs you of mail via a ‘counter’ and has […]

3 September 2009