CheckGMail is a popular panel applet for notifying a user of new mail in their Gmail account.

It’s also popular for annoying Ubuntu users since it doesn’t use the notification system like most other applications do! Until now…

TomHare has found a workaroundthat enables CheckGMail to notify you of e-mail using the proper notification system and not it’s own blasted pop-ups.

(Note: I couldn’t get CheckGmail to work, so i’m using his screenshots. Thanks Tom!)

How To Do It

  • Install libnotify (sudo apt-get install libnotify)
  • Go to CheckGMail’s preferences
  • Set the “pop-up time” to 0 seconds
  • Paste the following into the “Command to execute on new mail” field: –
  • if [ %m = 1 ] ; then mess="Message"; else mess="Messages"; fi; notify-send "You Have %m New $mess" -i ~/bin/gmail.png


Super big thanks to TomHare for sharing this with OMG! UBUNTU!
His original article can be found @