Reports are circulating that GMail chat – the web-based version of Google Talk/GTalk – will be adding multi-user video chat/video conferencing to this other Google services in the coming months.
GMail Chat only supports one-to-one video chat at present.

Linux Users

Linux users can currently use the video chat feature via Empathy (with caveats attached), but with ChromeOS merely a few months away from beta release one could assume that an official GTalk client native to Linux, or at least improved support/support for other clients such as Empathy, may also be on it’s way.
A stretch, sure, but a fantastic time to make available such a client.

“This [current Gmail capability] is the first step in a much broader set of features we hope to roll out over the next six to 12 months around video [and voice] chat capabilities. It’s a great opportunity for us to push that space along.”

~Rishi Chandra, a Google Apps product manager.
{via SFGate}
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