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Atom Editor 1.18 Released with Rich Git Integration

A new version of the Atom editor available to download and it comes with a BIG new feature: deep Git and Github integration.

16 June 2017

Enable Nautilus Git Integration with this Open-Source Extension

I came across a neat new extensions that provides Nautilus Git integration. Now before you get too excited let me mention that this extension is not a GUI Git client. It’s a little simpler than that, but […]

1 June 2017
Checking the diff

Understanding Version Control Systems, Part 1

Collaboration is probably the most difficult and time consuming task when working as a team. When you first heard the phrase "version control" you might have started thinking about code and progammers. The issue of collaboration is not only with programmers but also with other areas and profession namely with design, documentation etc. Version control as a tool has been immensely famous within programming circles, but its use is not limited just for source code.

22 April 2011