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Flickr Upload App ‘Frogr’ Gets a New Look in Latest Update

Frogr, the image uploading and management tool for Flickr, has been updated with a number of small fixes and a fresh new look.

8 January 2015
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New Flickr/Shotwell Photo Lens Seeks Testers

A new photo-orientated Lens for Unity that lets you browse through your Shotwell library and online Flickr collection is seeking testers. The 'Photo Lens' adds an easy-to-access photo-centric pane to your Unity Dash that's powered by two 'Scopes' (search backends) - one for Ubuntu's default photo app Shotwell, and the other for popular online photo service Flickr.

8 January 2012
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Desktop Flickr uploader Frogr gets updated

The latest release of desktop Flickr uploader 'Frogr' has been released, bringing with it faster startup times, multiple account support and auto-completion of tags and more.

6 February 2011
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Desktop Flickr tool ‘Frogr’ gets updated

Flickr fans may be pleased to hear that cutely named 'Frogr' Flickr uploading tool has hit version 0.3

24 December 2010
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Orifli – Simple desktop Flickr image uploader

Looking for a simple, lightweight Flickr image uploader? Orifli by Original Coding might be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve never heard of Orifli before now then there’s a simple reason – the Flickr-loving app is […]

20 July 2010
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Photobucket Drop Support for Linux

Photobucket – once the pin-up of the online image hosting world – has informed a frustrated Mint user that their service no longer supports Linux. They write: – Thank you for your comments. Please note YouTube supports different […]

22 December 2009
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Flickr Apps – Desktop Flickr Organizer Application Lets You Edit Offline, Sync Later

Desktop Flickr Organizer allows you to upload, download, manage, edit and organize your Flickr account’s photos ” including all of the above but offline! DFO makes it so simple to sort your Flickr photos and […]

2 September 2009