Photobucket – once the pin-up of the online image hosting world – has informed a frustrated Mint user that their service no longer supports Linux.

They write: –

Thank you for your comments. Please note YouTube supports different systems 
and we do not support Linux. We apologize for the inconvenience but we have 
stopped supporting this OS a couple years ago and it was merely a matter of 
time and updates before you started having issues.

Sincerely, Photobucket Support Team

Photobucket will likely still continue to work for most Linux users, however if it doesn’t there’s nothing you can do about it.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s no great loss. Photobucket became stagnant with complacency and ever more bloated. Their website is a veritable jungle of giant expanding flash ads and promo .gifs. Their against the grain move of halving free storage from 1GB to a measly 500MBs should have set alarm bells ringing with the sound of ‘we’re not a company that puts users first.’

I can imagine it’ll be frustrating for Linux users who use the service but all the more reason to sign up with more liberal and user-friendly services.

DSC0152Alternatives are great and provide a native Linux uploaderPlenty of applications for Linux support imageshack uploading directly, too!

Google Picasa is another great service. They also provide a desktop application (not just an uploader but a fully-featured photo editor). Picasa uploading will be coming to F-Spot in Lucid, too!

Flickr upload/download/organization support can be found in multiple Linux app – DFO is worth checking out, and Flickr uploading is mooted for inclusion in F-Spot Lucid.

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