Desktop Flickr Organizer allows you to upload, download, manage, edit and organize your Flickr account’s photos ” including all of the above but offline!


DFO makes it so simple to sort your Flickr photos and sets that you may wonder how you ever managed Flickr without it. No quibbles.

DFO can: –

  • Upload Photos with Drag n’ drop
  • Download photos from your Photostream
  • create, rename, re-arrange new or existing sets
  • Organize photos
  • Batch edit photos (description, details, privacy, etc)
  • Add or Remove tags from Photos
  • Add or Remove photos from Group Pools
  • Search photos
  • Post photos to blogs
  • Manage comments
  • Edit offline and automatically sync changes when online
  • Revert edits



Flickr Desktop Organizer Logo You can install DFO through the terminal in Ubuntu: –

  • sudo apt-get install dfo

Or search for it in ‘Add/Remove’ or Synaptic.

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