Ubuntu user and graphic designer Half Left has put together several different Gnome-Shell themes, including this one based off of Elementary OS. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m a total Gnome-Shell hater. However, themes as beautiful as this make me interested in using it all over again… for at least ten minutes till I bang my head in frustration. But at least it looks good!

You can grab this theme and more over from Half-Left’s deviant art page, where he has also kindly posted instructions for installing. Hopefully you, our faithful and dear readers, are able to read the instructions there and I won’t need to copy and paste them again here.

 Applause goes to Joern Konopka for drawing my attention
I won’t link his twitter unless he asks, wouldn’t want to spam it.
And look XFact! Tags! As many as I could think of.
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