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Jolicloud Desktop Comes to Ubuntu – And Here’s How to Install It

The 'Jolicloud Desktop Environment' puts a HTML5 launcher with shortcuts to popular websites and services front and center, in place of the traditional desktop.

17 April 2013
dayfolder menu in Ubuntu 12.04

DayFolder Organizes Your Cluttered Ubuntu Desktop For You

How often does your desktop get covered in all manner of - to be blunt - crap? Icons, images, links, launcher, folders, stuff you don't even recall ever download... It all gets dumped on the desktop. And a cluttered desktop hampers workflow and distracts. Enter DayFolder - a small utility that can organize your desktop for you.

9 May 2012

Smarten Up Your Desktop With This Conky & Wallpaper Combo

The look of people's desktops are a lot like sandwiches. Some are plain and simple, others decorated with all manner of awesome-sauce. But both types can get stale if left alone for too long. If you feel that your own desktop could do with freshening up then the following Conky and wallpaper pairing might just prove to be a good starting point

3 April 2012
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PlexyDesk – A Widget Desktop For Linux

There was a time when I, like many, covered my Linux desktop in all manner of Screenlets, gDesklets and widgets. I grew out of this, but 'PlexyDesk' - a new widget-toting project - might just light those creative fires on my desktop once more...

6 September 2011
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Magic scheduler patch coming to your Natty desktop?

We wrote about it, Phoronix demoed it. The magic scheduler voodoo(tm)* which brings happiness to desktops that everyone wanted to test at the time..well it may be coming to your Natty desktop.

8 January 2011
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Banshee close to being made default music player in Natty

The Banshee Train is well on its way along the tracks, headed towards Ubuntu's default train station as a final destination and resting place - where it will hopefully stay as the default music player for some time. While it's not default yet, it's certainly going to happen soon - all you need to know to be prepared is in this article.

21 December 2010