We wrote about it, Phoronix demoed it. The magic scheduler voodoo(tm)* which brings happiness to desktops that everyone wanted to test at the time..well it may be coming to your Natty desktop.

The good news is that Ingo Molnar, maintainer of the scheduler subsystem in the Linux kernel, has just issued a pull request for the upcoming kernel 2.6.38 which includes this feature. The final call if this kernel will be in Natty is February 1st.

The bad news is that it is currently default off, so unless Ubuntu changes that default this enhancement remains hands off for Natty users out of the box even if 2.6.38 makes it into Natty (PPA solutions likely to become available though).


OMG’er Dennis MH informs us that a version of this feature already is in Natty.

* no voodoo actually involved, magic not real.. in fact just scheduler… sorry
** I do apologize for the title Joey insists on Twitter friendly summaries, which just isn’t possible for such a change, so I am freely admitting that I am riding that horse for all she’s got, just for because this is OMG! Ubuntu!

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