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wrench turning the ubuntu logo

Use GDM Settings to Customise Ubuntu’s Login Screen

Ubuntu, like other Linux distributions uses the GNOME Display Manager (GDM) as its, well, display manager, though most of us tend to think of or refer to it as the login screen. To customise the […]

17 November 2023
how to hide the top bar in ubuntu

Want to Hide the Top Bar in Ubuntu? Here’s How

Want the top bar in Ubuntu to hide whenever a window is placed near it? A nifty GNOME extension makes it happen. Here’s a demo of this panel hiding behaviour in action: Simple, right? But […]

19 May 2023
screenshot of Cubic, a custom Ubuntu ISO creator for Linux

Want to Create a Custom Ubuntu ISO? Try Cubic

Create a custom Ubuntu ISO using Cubic, an open-source GTK app with an easy-to-use interface. The app works on Ubuntu 18.04 and up.

28 February 2023
folder color thumbnail

How to Change Folder Colour on Ubuntu (The Easy Way)

Discover how to change folder color on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above in this guide. We use a free utility that lets you instantly change folder color.

15 June 2017

[How To] Customise Unity like Never Before

Ubuntu 11.10 bring a lot of nifty changes in Unity featuring - chameleon theming, active blur, ability to change launcher opacity, relocation of the Ubuntu button from the panel to the launcher, and so on. These new features have opened up the door for a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible. Read on for a guide on radically changing the look of Unity in Ubuntu 11.10...

4 December 2011
Putting a curve on Workspaces.

Unity personalization: how much can you really do?

In such a short time of development, improvements in speed, aesthetics, usability and more have come to life in the Compiz version of Unity. But what about customization?

25 March 2011

The top 5 desktops from our Facebook competition

Last week we ran a 5-day competition on our Facebook page, where fans were invited to submit a screenshot of their pimped Ubuntu desktop. We got over 500 submissions throughout the week, and it was certainly a tough decision to pick only 5 winners out of so many.

16 February 2011